Novaya Gavan Terminal
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Import/Export cargo customs clearance services

The Russian Transport Lines (the exclusive logistics provider of Terminal Novaya Gavan) are included in the Register of customs representatives of FCS of Russia and render services in the field of customs affairs since 2006. The certificate of inclusion in the Register of customs representatives No. 0030/02 of 25.04.2012.

Services of the customs representative include: 

  • Advising on issues related to the application of customs legislation, the conclusion of foreign trade transactions.
  • Preliminary analysis and advice on the documents provided by the customer for customs declaration.
  • Verification of transport, shipping and other commercial documents.
  • Classification of goods according to the Customs Union nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade.
  • Clarification of measures of the tariff and non-tariff regulation established by the legislation of the CU and the Russian Federation on regulation of the foreign trade activity.
  • Calculation of customs duties to be paid.
  • A preliminary calculation of the recycling fee for wheeled vehicles.
  • Performance of customs operations connected with the customs declaration, the placement of goods under the customs procedure and the release in accordance with the chosen procedure.
  • Filling the form of the recycling fee on behalf of the customer.
  • Participation in the customs inspection / survey.
  • Informing on a performance of operations on customs clearance of goods.
  • Formation of the required documents after the release of the goods in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

For convenience of the clients rtl offers the assistance in confirmation of production compliance to existing technical, sanitary and environmental standards and the requirements established in the russian federation and the customs union.

With our help you will be able to prepare the following documents:

  • certificate of compliance and declarations of compliance (Russian and CU Customs rules);
  • certificate on the state registration of production;
  • the other documents confirming compliance of production.

All documents are prepared according to existing rules and in the shortest terms.