Novaya Gavan Terminal
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For Investors

Terminal Novaya Gavan was built in the North-East part of the LugaBay (the Gulf of Finland) in the Baltic Sea. Terminal is the part of the Ust-LugaSeaPort, which registered as a separate cargo area (under the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government No. 698-р dd. 20.05.2009) with more favorable location for ship calls.

The port of Ust-Luga is the largest port of Russia. As of January 1, 2013, the total investments in Ust-LugaSeaPort came up to 166.3 billion rubles, including 120.6 billion rubles of private funding.

At present, the formation of the investors pool of Ust-LugaSeaPort is nearly completed, and “Ust-Luga Company” JSC together with Government of Leningrad Region commence implementation of the project “Overall development of Ust-LugaSeaMerchantPort and adjacent territory” on the basis of the public-private partnership. This new principal direction of the company activity is planned for perspective up to 2030. The Russian Federation Government has resolved the Project as a high priority investment project of Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

Due to the principle of the production location, recent trends in the port industrial complexes development and particular business environment of Ust-LugaSeaMerchantPort, the overall development of the territory will involve the following 5 interconnected clusters:

  • Transportation logistics cluster (area of about 1300 He) on the basis of cargo traffic of the existing port, cargo airport and external transportation lines;
  • Industrial cluster (area of about 3000 He) on the portside Industrial area;
  • City cluster (area of 1850 ha) for personnel from all  units of the port industrial complex;
  • Recreational cluster (area of about 110 ha) of recreational and tourist area
  • Agronomic industrial cluster


Options for Further Development of the Terminal

Technical opportunities:

  • Total area of the terminal 57,66 He
  • Further dredging of access channel and berth depth down to 12,6 meters
  • Increase diameter of turning circle – up to 400 meters
  • 253 meters long additional berth construction and berth depth down to 12,05 meters
  • Protective offshore structures

Strategic Opportunities:

  • Broaden variety of processed cargo
  • Construction of multifunctional Terminal (Container cargo terminal, Oil loading terminal, Scrap-iron handling terminal, Refrigerator terminal, Distribution center for retailers, Industrial Park complex